From the manufacturing team with decades of experience and brought new design and innovation to human chambers, Pan-America Hyperbarics proudly presents the new line of chambers.  The PAH-A1 is a hyperbaric chamber designed specifically for animals and provides an effective therapy for many critical and chronic conditions.


Critical Care

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Chronic Conditions

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Expert HBOT Consulting

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Ease of Use User friendly design, safe and simple to operate, pneumatic control system, unique quarter turn secure locking mechanism for convient door opening and closing
 All-inclusive Package Site Survey, installation, training on use of equipment, starter kit are all included
Flexible Finance Options Straight purchase, flexible lease options and revenue sharing are available upon approved credit
 Facility Requirements Pan-America will provide individualized assessment and assistance according to federal and state/local regulations
Innovative Features No electricity needed to operate the chamber, gas pressure driven, pneumatic control system, Customizable options include length, pass-through ports, control module and view-port locations

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Height: 46.85 inches (Control box is not included)

Width:  36.60 inches

Length: 74.09 inches

Weight:  2755.78 lb.

Volume:  31.45 cubic feet

Inner Diameter: 34.30 inches

Viewports: Door-15.75″ and 1 Side – 9.84″

Ventilation Rate: 260 LPM@30psig